This is just another try to get online with something like a combination of a weblog and a homepage.

As my first attempt to establish a homepage was very static and so became out of date in the last decades, I was looking for a content management system that is free, powerful and flexible – and I found WordPress!

As the old page made a lot of work and contained the famous „Paulis Welt“ I do not have the heart to erase it completely.  So it is still there somewhere in the universe of this page. If you find it you can keep it 🙂

If you have any ideas on what you would like to find in my little world please let me know and make me wow about it.

One word about languages: I live, speak and think German. So most of this will be in German as well. But if there are people out there who only speak English and want to participate, again please tell me and I will think about it.

Happy posting!


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